Photo: Bryan Stokes


Field work for our project is done for this year as our Saltmarsh Sparrows have headed south for the winter! We plan to run training sessions next spring. If you're interested in working with us next season, please contact us this fall or in early 2020 when we'll start making plans for volunteer training and orientation sessions.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers help carry and set up mist nets on the marsh to capture birds safely. As shown above, running through the saltmarsh to coax birds into the nets takes teamwork and some grit. Volunteers in the field need to move quickly, but carefully, on uneven terrain.  (For people with limited mobility, you can help with data entry at the banding station and later via computer into the BANDIT database.)

Once in the net, birds are quickly and safely extracted by staff members Evan Lipton and Katie Christ.

Other opportunities for volunteer work include photographing the movements of banded birds throughout the marsh and plotting their locations on a grid map.  

Picture yourself being part of this team! 
To join us for the 2020 summer project, email this fall or early 2020.

photos: Bryan Stokes

SALSri volunteers (left-to-right) Evan Lipton, Andy Eckerson, Matthew Eckerson (holding an Eastern Phoebe), Joel Eckerson, and Jonathan Eckerson at the Block Island Banding Station, April 28, 2019.        Photo: Kim Gaffett

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